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Not so busy

Posted on 2008.03.13 at 04:48
Things have slowed down a bit and I've gotten more free time. It's nice to take it slow for a wile. More time for games too.


Been busy

Posted on 2007.11.11 at 19:49
Work among other things now consume almost all my free time, I still manage to get an hour or two of gaming in though.

Having been a Team Fortress player since the mid 1990s, I was delighted when Team Fortress 2 came out and I've been having quite a bit of fun with it. My stats can be read here:  http://steamcommunity.com/id/zaric/stats/TF2

The only things the game is lacking are custom content and extra maps; these problems will be fixed in due time. Until then I have only one tip for any wannabe Team Fortress 2 player:

Between Half-Life 2, it's episodes, Portal, and TF2, the Orange Box is really worth getting.

That said, happy gaming.



Posted on 2007.05.15 at 09:58

I've had Xfire installed for months now, but I never used it. At someone’s recommendation I tried it, and it seems to be just a bit shy of awesome. I’d rate it as great bordering on kick butt. So now I'm an Xfire user, yippie.

I recommend this to everyone who plays games online.

Xfire is basicly AIM/MSN, Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Gamespy and game stats all in one. It allows for in-game text and voice chat across different games. You can see what your friends are playing on the buddy list and double click on their name to automatically run the game and join the server they are playing on. Finally one of the best features is it's profile page that gathers data as to what you play and for how long, creating a miniprofile for you.




Posted on 2007.03.22 at 01:31
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I normally wouldn’t post anything 300 related out there, however after seeing this video I think I know enough 300 fans who would appreciate this:



"Brush your teeth" ... Enough said.

Wile I'm on the topic, 300 was the best action movie I've ever seen. It now reigns second on my all-time favorite movies list.


Code Geass is 'The Awesome'.

Posted on 2007.03.19 at 04:41
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Code Geass is a great anime that reminds me of both Death Note and Gundam. It’s about this boy who gains the power to give an absolute order to someone that they can’t disobey.

Kill yourself, give me your mechsuit, tell me your secret, he can do it all, but only once to any given person. He wants revenge against the empire he lives in for the death of his mother. Using his power he forms The Order of Black Knights, and becomes the masked leader named Zero. His goal is to destroy the empire and kill his father at any cost.

Also reminiscent of Death Note is the fact the main character's rival could also be considered a hero in his own right; a solider in the empire’s army who wants to stop the main character's terrorism at all costs - two opposing forces.


Happy New Year

Posted on 2006.12.31 at 23:20
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This new-years eve has been a quake-fest among old friends. Not quite 2007 and the lan party continues.


Happy New Year all. Shout out to LordHavoc's Darkplaces Quake Engine, making this possible.


Neverwinter Nights 2 - Update

Posted on 2006.12.30 at 15:39
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Thumbs Down

Going through my games today I noticed NWN2 on my main computer, this reminded me of the game's existance.

The game's graphics are a shining example of how far the company has progressed. However looking back to when I bought it, I really only played it a very short time. My girlfriend couldn't stand to play it through the prologue, and I couldn't stand to play it passed the bandit camp.

I played NWN 1 both offline and online for roughly a year, so the fact I couldn’t even stick NWN2 out for a few days is pathetic. I may pick the game up again someday, but for now looking back I regret the purchase.

Note: The game does have awesome title screen music, the word awesome not to be taken lightly here.


Do a Barrel Roll!!

Posted on 2006.11.14 at 02:19

Don’t know what to do? Do a Barrel Roll!

  1. Muskau Barrel Roll Remix (Sound breaks sometimes /w Firefox)
  2. Kill Bill Barrel Roll Remix
  3. Garfield Barrel Roll
  4. Geordi Star Trek Barrel Roll
  5. Link does a Barrel Roll
  6. Snake rolls in a Barrel-Roll
  7. Hawaiian Shirt Day Barrel Roll
  8. One does not simply Do A Barrel Roll into Mordor


Death Note rules.

Posted on 2006.11.07 at 20:35
    A wile back I read the Death Note manga. It was a very good comic book.
    A serious story about a high school student named Light who finds a notebook that dropped from the sky. Anyone’s name who is written in that notebook will die. He uses the notebook to exterminate criminals and other bad people in the world. Aspiring to create a new, better world he becomes known worldwide as Kira. A world famous detective named
L sets out on a quest to bring Kira to justice for all his murders.

The story is from the antagonist’s prospective, he is an evil hero; the same goes for the villain, a good person who is trying to bring justice down upon the evil Kira.

The manga ran for 106 chapters before ending and is a complete story; a story that really shows just how much power can corrupt. There is now an Animated Searies for Death Note, the opening sequence can be viewed here:

Video here Loading...

The Anime is now up to Episode 5, and has dutifully followed the original manga. It looks quite promising if it continues to do so. Quite frankly it is one of the best
Japanese cartoons I have EVER seen. In addition to the story, the artwork is great, the music borders on awesome.

In addition to the Animated searies, there is also a Live Action movie that has been created.

DN Movie Poster

It's by Warner Bros. and is pretty good, although not nearly as good as the Animated searies. WB has a second movie in the works, which looks like it'll be far better than the first, the trailer for which is here:


That said, amoung all 3: Manga, Anime, and Live Action, I would have to say the Anime is currently the best of all 3.

If anyone is wondering about how the searies ends, read the manga as the story is long complete. Both the anime and manga can be downloaded at www.death-notes.com


Flash Videos

Posted on 2006.11.07 at 06:37
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 So I’ve run into a bunch of good flash videos recently. I’ll describe and link them in categories.

 The Best, period:

            Mega Man vs Quickman:  A masterpiece among other MegaMan videos. Almost all flashes based on old videogames is sprite-ridden in that the creator really doesn’t put forth any effort to do original artwork. This shines as an example of what Megaman can look like without sprites, by an original artist. Straight action all the way, this video ends with a bang.


            Moonlight: This video is just pure fantasy-action, done in a cool pseudo anime style. It’s extremely cliché, the story is non-existent, and anyone who knows anime knows what to expect from this. It’s a hack&slash fest with some of the worst voicework in flash videos.

          Now that I’m done bashing it, I can say that to me, the ending is -awesome-. Why? The Hero wins, at the cost of his own life. He sees his death before him and accepts it, thereby having a truly glorious death. There’s nothing cooler than that to me.

          If anyone’s seen the ending of Cowboy Beebop then they know this type of ending.

           Super Mario II:  Normally I’d dismiss this as “Just another Sprite Video” but get passed the fist boring half of this video, and an epic siege takes place against Princess Peach’s castle. This video makes Bowser into a really badass villain.

Although this is part of a series, Episode 1 is decent, but ignore 3 and on, all bad. When it’s all said and done, Super Mario II is the only really good episode in the series.

             Ramen Flash: Okay so this could go under Cute and Funny too... but it’s mostly action. Cute anime girl named Meg fights the demented mutant thing, DrWasabi for Ramen.

Cute and Funny (Mostly Zelda stuff):

 MY Legend of Zelda:  Extremely funny, resolves around the fact link just walks around breaking into people’s homes, stealing stuff. The villagers create a linch mob to kill him, but he just goes in breaking stuff throwing pots at people. Gannon has a master plan, but Link totally ignores him, runs in and starts breaking his stuff too.

             Zelda – Bagpipe of Doom 2:  Link is forced to do a bunch of stupid random things for his quest. The first half is boring, then Link finds out the villagers where bullshitting him and he goes on a killing spree, using chickens. It’s insanely funny. At one point, watching the death and destruction wrought by the chickens, Gannon fires all his minions and says, “I’m replacing my army with CHICKENS! Mwhahahahaha!”

            Zelda’s Pride:  Funny random shit about Zelda being a lesbian, Link’s hopes crushed and other stuff.

 Zelda – Behind the Legend:  This video is about the fact link can’t speak, only make the yelling noises he does in the games. So he has to go to school, ends up murdering some of his classmates, and such misadventures.

             Zero Wing Rhapsody:  Musical song and dance to the full “All your base” Zero wing intro.

             The $20,000 Zig: All your smruf are belong to smurf. Enough said.

 Waffle X – Episode 1:  The main character reminds me of myself. I’m pretty sure anyone who knows me in real life would say the same.

Neurotically Yours Videos

A very strange, somewhat funny series about a squirrel named Foamy. For the most part it’s devoted to his rants about things. The main site is: http://www.illwillpress.com/ their old videos get removed from the site and sold on DVDs.

Small, Medium, Large:  This is about the Star-Schmucks coffee houses, and their bullshit sayings for sizes. It’s extremely funny if you’ve ever been to Starbucks and hear the people ordering. "You can shove a ventae razor up your ass you tall brained moron."

Coffee House:  Star-Schmucks #2

Secret Admirer: “You’ve got a stalker, you’ve got a stalker! I don’t, you do, you’re going to die! I can sleep at night!”

Unmentionable Auction:  Talking about the fact people buy used panties and junk online.


 Non-English Videos (You may not be able to understand them but they kick ass anyway.)

           Clairvoyance ,famous on the internet for the video Nightmare City and the sequel Catastrophe has made a new video called:


                  Garakuta features an excellent song called Felys -long remix which can be downloaded from: HERE


The second of the two videos is Yukino, a very good video from morinono.net.

Death Note Videos

These videos where made by Go-Devil-Dante from Deviant Art. Go-Devil-Dante also has an obsession with Harry Potter, which you can see with the recurring appearance of Snape.

Warning: I warn you, there is much gay-perversion in all but the first three.

Note: The character “Righto” is actually “Light”, it has to do with the Japanese R/L conversion and the O at the end of words. All these where made back before the anime.

Sadistic – Raito:  He took a scene right out of the Death Note manga, animated it, and then lip synced a Lankin Park song. It’s funny if you’ve read the appropriate chapter of the manga. NOT GAY #1

Spoiler Note:  This contains no spoilers, contrary to it’s name. See what happened was the author got really pissed off because someone spoiled the ending of Death Note for him, much like I have done for many fans of the anime! :)  Anyway, he got pissed off and made this little video of L killing Light’s father and then Light. NOT GAY #2

Snape gets into L’s past:  A few seconds of randomness with Light, Snape, and L. NOT GAY #3.

Snape’s Love Potion: Sick, gay, and funny. L wants a love potion for Light.

L is sick of walking: L, Ichigo from Bleach, Harry Potter, Gene from Samurai Champloo. Once again, quite random and quite gay.

L and Light’s night:  THE MOST Gay and Sick shit Go-Devil-Dante has ever publicly produced. A couple of my friends find it hilarious, I don’t, but the collection wouldn’t be complete without this... thing.



Neverwinter Nights 2

Posted on 2006.11.05 at 06:20

    Just got it and I have to say it’s a good game. It’s more like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (which was made by the same company) than it is like the original Neverwinter Nights. The events are much more linear than the original was well. The graphics have gotten an overhaul though, and the game looks lovely. 

    My final judgment on the game will wait until I have an opportunity to test it in multiplayer, as that’s what made the first Neverwinter Nights good. So far though, I’m only dissatisfied with one thing, and that’s the fact they took away Issac’s Missile Storm which was my favorite wizard spell. It allowed me to pelt the enemy with 60+ magic missiles all at once. Not the most effective spell, but clearly the coolest looking.


MegaMan: The Movie

Posted on 2006.11.04 at 20:01
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No, not really. But it’s an amusing attempt worthy of old megaman fans like myself anyway.


Quake 4 is Sub-Par (Spoilers)

Posted on 2005.10.22 at 19:51
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I am a Quake Fan, have been since the old days of Threewave CTF. (see Zaric’s Archive.) I hate to say it, but having tasted Quake 4, it is nowhere near its predecessors. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, it isn’t. It just doesn’t live up to:

  • The extremely fun single player and multiplayer Quake 1.
  • Quake 2 which Quake 4’s story is based on.
  • The multiplayer oriented Quake 3, which made death match fun by having a balanced weapon system, good graphics, and smooth online play

  1.  Its graphics are clearly superior to all previous Quake games, even custom built graphically enhanced engines, models, skins, and textures designed for those previous games.
  2.  It’s a sequel, continuing a story and bringing back the old villain of Quake 2.
  1. Lack of detailed AI. No longer will a monster react to seeing you by running to set off an alarm, or doing another action that could make the situation unfavorable for you if you don’t prevent it like in Quake 2. Now all they do is, See you = Attack. It’s a huge loss to the game.
  2. The Scripted Events can not be changed. At one point in the game you, as a human have to do battle with the final boss of Quake 2, the Macron. At a certain point during the battle a scripted event causes him to defeat you and move on with the story. The problem is, there is no indication he’s undefeatable. Players will try again and again to beat him, only to fail. This causes frustration, and annoyance. Rather than JUST making an enemy invincible, they should make him overpowered to the point at which you honestly believe you have no chance of winning, or better yet create an alternate scenario in which you beat him, but after which he comes back to life and gets you or something.
  3. A Lack of Secrets. If you’ve ever played Quake 1 in detail, you know about Secrets. This game set the standard for secret content, nearly every level contained at least 2 secrets and rewarded you with a chime and a message “You’ve found a secret area”. Such secrets contained items, power-ups, and Easter eggs. There where even two Secret levels. Such content existed in Quake 2 as well, at a lower quantity. Quake 4 on the other hand, contains no such secrets. An Easter egg or two, sure, but it simply can’t compare to Quake 1 and 2.
  4. MULTIPLAYER - It’s a watered down version of Quake 3 in which two weapons, Shotgun and Machinegun rule. The higher numbered/harder to obtain weapons no longer contain weight to change an encounter. Online play tends to get a noticeable latency at more than 10 players (most likely a flaw in the net-code. This problem has no bearing on LAN play thankfully.)
  5.  MUTLIPLAYER 2 (CO-OP PLAY) – The ability to take multiple players and have them join you in the single player adventure. DOES NOT EXIST. Admittedly Quake 2 didn’t release with it, it was patched into the game later. So this last problem might be fixed with time. The rest of them? Don’t count on it.
  6. An extremely minor gripe compared to the others is simply, the normal monsters are different. This is a storyline inconsistency, as you are still fighting the Strogg, at the same timeframe as Quake 2. Why not just add MORE enemies, and keep a few old the old ones around? In any case, it only serves to splinter the story further from Quake 2 which was one of it’s good points.

Until I see some major patching, or some awesome mods created for this game, I will not be buying it for the single player alone which I have played at a friend’s house. Unless the multiplayer is improved through such means, that aspect of the game isn’t even a consideration in buying it.